Counselling and Therapy for Individuals

Online or in-person sessions are available


Welcome, welcome!

Congratulations on taking the first step toward making a change.

I feel that it is both a privilege and an honour to walk alongside you as you investigate and navigate difficulties, uncertainties and challenges in life.  

With great care, compassion and with an emphasis on safety, I invite you to share your unique situation.  

Through deep listening and a gentle presence, I will help you to:

- identify your goals

- develop a plan

- recognize your own strengths and internal resources, and 

- develop new tools to help navigate and overcome current distresses and hurdles.  

Whether it is challenges of:

- getting unstuck

- feelings of anxiety

- feelings of depression

- processing grief

- overcoming trauma

- navigating life transitions

- developing self-worth and self-compassion, or 

- working through relationship issues, 

Offering a spiritually-informed approach, I welcome the opportunity to walk with you on your journey towards individual growth and mental wellness, discovery, exploration, healing, integration and self-empowerment.  

I look forward to working with you,  


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